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Im Ruby on Rails developer for about 4 years. Ruby on Rails was my first web framework. I started from nothing with Ruby on Rails. I learned some about ‘C for Unix’ and x86 Assembly at college, but that’s it.

I do linux sysadmin alongside with Ruby on Rails.

Linux Experience:

  • 7 years Linux experience.
  • Setup servers for rails, performance tuning and scaling.
  • Apache, Mysql, Nginx, Sphinx, Memcached, Proxy and Security
  • Amazon EC2 setup, backups and deploy.
  • Amazon S3 backup
  • Capistrano
  • Postfix administration, SASL authentication, Spam Fighting.

Programming Experience:

  • 4 years on Rails
  • I have experience with CSS and XHTML. My favorite is HAML.
  • Experience with Memcached, Sphinx, Haml, mysql

My strong skills are mostly on Deployment with Capistrano, Ruby on Rails, Linux Administration and Linux for Rails deployment.
*Gentoo Linux is my Favorite.

If you need to build a website or hire for contract work, im available, also I can help you to make sure your app is deployed correctly and running fast, just let me know.


– Email:

$ echo "fred.the.master [AT] gmail {DOT} com" | sed 's/ \[AT\] /@/' | sed 's/ {DOT} /./'

– Public GPG key for email above: A82155D6.asc

– Mobile: +66-860-588-264

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  1. Hi
    We are looking for a reliable experience RoR developer. If you are free and would like to discuss the contract, please reply with with moire info on yourself & contact details.
    G Dee

  2. Hi

    Looking for a RoR developer for a little project. Would you send me a little email with your prices?:) Thanks in advance

  3. I am also looking for a RoR programmer for a little project. pls mail me….

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