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Mar 042012

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Installing MWForum on debian lenny and squeeze  Comments Off on Installing MWForum on debian lenny and squeeze
Aug 232011

Installing mwforum on Debian Lenny 5.0 and 6.0

There are many perl packages required by MWForum, Im not totally sure if all of them are required, but here is the list of packages that will get MWForum fully working with Image Uploading, Image resizing, attaching image, Avatar, text quote and email support. Дверь для бани своими руками

Install required debian packages with aptitude:

Now check latest version for download from
In this setup I will put mwforum in /var/www/mwforum/htdocs/ (gentoo style folder)

Download MWforum and extract

Setup Configuration files

Edit config file with your mysql username/password, site name and url.

Inside Mysql shell create database and username/password for mwforum:

Install MWForum database:

Activate Apache modules:

Add the apache Virtualhost config file:

Add PerlSwitches:

Now activate mwforum and check for configurations

If syntax OK, then restart

Security and Cleanup:

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Jan 012011

I had to setup AFP (netatalkd) on a centos 5.5 machine. Many tutorials had something missing. so I took the best of each and put

You will need gcc and some packages/libs for building berk-db and netatalkd, like “patch” and “make”Дезинфекция

1. Download the latest berkeley-db 4.8 (5.0 and 5.1 did not work for me), compile and install

2. Download latest netatalkd, compile, install and copy config files to /etc/atalk
AFP works fine with the default configuration files.

When you mount this filesystem on mac, all files and directory permissions will be reset to 755, which is really annoying, specially if you use git. Git will show all the file permission changes to 755 instead of 644 for files.

so, to solve the problem edit the file /etc/atalk/AppleVolumes.default and update the last line on the file


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Nov 192010

This is a monit recipe for a rails app with 4 Unicorn threads using SOCKET. The app averages a total memory usage of 600 MB.
If it goes over 800 MB send email alert only.
If over 860 MB, reload the app.
Also if it’s using too much CPU, alert by

I use unicorn_rails on socket mode with nginx, and preload_app = true.

note: the HUP signal will reload the children processes without reloading code changes. This is fast and desirable.


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Jul 092010

Now a days there are so many good and cheap OpenVZ VPS providers out there.
Just have a look at this blog and you will see what I mean. []

The way OpenVZ virtual machines offers RAM resource is quite different from XEN.
You get Dedicated Ram (guaranteed ram) and Burstable Ram. kahovka-service

Burstable Ram is good when your server has sporadic load spikes, such as blogs and news sites.
Ideally you should not rely on burstable ram, it depends on the Host System. if the host system starts get low on free ram, you will lose that memory and the kernel will kill your processes to recover the ram.

Best is to keep below 90% of your Dedicated ram.

So, here I have an script that will monitor your memory limits. Also check for errors on your openVZ.
it’s perfect for an hourly cron job. It will print output on warnings and errors only.
Will suppress output if your openVZ container is behaving well. :)

for example, put on /etc/cron.hourly/

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