Jun 252010

You can monitor your servers nicely graphs using iStat for iphone.
these are instructions for Gentoo:reteks.ru

Create and edit /etc/istat.conf to match your server specs.
This config is for my OpenVZ vps.

Start istatd server:

you might add it to /etc/conf.d/local.start to auload on startup

Then download iStat for iphone http://bjango .com/apps/istat/ it’s only $0.99
and add your server to the list.

Here are some screenshots, first is server and second image is my macbook discovered with bonjour.

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Easy installing Passenger mod_rails on gentoo Linux

 click here, http://missionranchar.com/  Comments Off on Easy installing Passenger mod_rails on gentoo Linux
Aug 062008

To install the great Mod_Rails on Gentoo linux it’s as easy as 5 steps.link

Since you are Gentoo user, i don’t need to go to details. You know what you doing. ;)

Update: Mod-rails now works with apache mpm-worker

add this to /etc/portage/package.use

and this to /etc/make.conf

If it tries to install rails 2.2.2, rake, and lots of other gems that you already have installed trough rubygems, then run emerge with –nodeps option

for example mine looks like this:

That’s it.

Now just drop a similar vhost config file inside /etc/apache/vhosts.d/

This is a sample vhost file for a rails app.

My sample deflate.conf,
used to gzip the content

* Update on July 10, 2008.

– Now using gentoo portage to install it. it’s more smooth.


Personally I found that Thin + nginx uses less memory(Nginx 4MB + each thin server) than
apache + passenger, which uses quite more. (Apache: 50MB + each rails spawner)

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